'Young Arts' volunteers fundraise and give grants to arts projects for children and young people in their local area. In a time of cuts and changes to the national curriculum, this has never been more important. This group of volunteers aims to give more children and young people access to the arts.

Working with schools, museums and youth groups, 'Young Arts' volunteers support a wide range of projects. They are passionate about the benefits that creativity and arts education can bring to children in early life and adolescence.

Funding for 'Young Arts' comes from surplus funds from Away Trips and Study Days and the Gift Aid donations. All monies from the Membership Subscriptions are used to pay for the lecturers, their travel expenses, the hire of Arlington Arts Centre and our affiliation fees to TAS and Wyvern Area.

Sarah is our Committee member who is the 'Young Arts' representative.  She recently gave a short talk about our contribution to 'Young Arts' which is laid out below:-

'We began by funding the bus hire to take a group of 44 Year 5 children to the Ashmolean in Oxford.

We have taken full advantage of the wonderful set up which the Ashmolean education department runs.  The 'Egyptian Detectives' guided tour they gave this group of 9 and 10 year olds was fantastic...

When I met them there, they were absolutely bubbling with the excitement of what they had seen and been told, which was just great to see.

The success of this trip led to a second....

This time a coach of 50 Year 3 children went to the V & A, to take part in ‘' How we used to dress'' workshop.

I've got an email from the headmaster which sums up their day beautifully

...I'll read it for you here....

 "The V&A trip was a resounding success! 

The children had a really wonderful time and were in awe of the building as much as they enjoyed looking at all the historic patterns and prints.  Please extend our thanks to the Newbury Arts Society for their kind contribution.  It really does mean a lot to the teachers and the children."

As he makes clear these schools really are incredibly appreciative of the support that they get from us at the Arts Society.   Because of their funding issues they would not be making these trips without this help.'