What do Church Recorders do?

They are volunteers who compile records of the furnishings, artefacts and some of the fabric of our places of worship. The Arts Society has been involved in this for more than 45 years and is part of the charitable work taken on by the many societies - including Newbury-. 

And the purpose of the Record?

The Arts Society’s Church Records are the most thorough representation of what is contained in the nation’s churches.  The Records are used by historians, antiquarians, researchers and are invaluable in cases of loss by theft or damage.

How do you approach compiling a Record?

The full record divides objects into sections: 

Memorials, Windows, Woodwork, Textiles, Stonework, Metalwork and Paintings.  

Each object is described in a prescribed format and may be photographed and where possible, includes its history. We are able to call on the knowledge of experts in heraldry, architecture, Latin inscriptions, stained glass etc.

What happens to the completed Record? 

When it is finished, it is printed and bound in A4 size.  A copy is presented to the church in question where it will serve as a definitive reference for the contents.  Further copies go to the Victoria & Albert Art Library, the Church Care Library, Historic England and the County Records Office.

Where are Newbury Church Recorders active?

Currently, we are recording the contents of St Michael & All Angels Church, Highclere.  

When we began, we were a small novice group, with a very daunting task.  As we have progressed, it has become an enjoyable, engrossing and sometimes challenging venture.  Working as a team, we have gained a great deal of knowledge and a huge sense of achievement.

If you would like to know more or to come and join us, please contact 

Jackie Chamberlain at

You might also like to follow this link to the Head Office website which gives more information about Church Recording.